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A Reason To Try Underwire

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The Jockey® Cushion Wire bra is not only the perfect everyday t-shirt bra we’ve always longed for, with plenty of coverage for all busts, but the wire itself is encased in a halo of plush foam for no-dig support that provides a gentle lift. Literally that means, you don’t feel it. AT ALL. 

The bra itself also has some other really cool features. Back smoothing wings soften lumps and bumps for a sleek silhouette and ‘infinity cup’ edges fade seamlessly into the skin creating an invisible look under clothing.

Check it out and let me know what you think! 

check out cushion wire bra

Of all the many bra questions I get asked, one is prevalent: Do we really need an underwire? 

No one really needs anything. Some would argue they don’t even NEED a bra (I’d disagree). And sure, there are lots of great wirefree options on the market. That said, it’s a matter of preference — but it also has a purpose. 

A lot of people think the underwire is just a support piece, but in reality, it serves to add structure, too. In bra design, the underwire and oftentimes even the light padding in the cups, serves to keep the cups from collapsing (hot dog breasts are not a good look). 

So while it does add some benefits to a bra, in short, no, you don’t necessarily need one. But why not try one? If the comfort of a wire or fear of it poking through is what’s deterring you from trying one, I’ve got a genius solution for you. 

The folks over at Jockey, that iconic underwear brand that’s been around since the 1800s (and every member of my family swears by at least one thing that they make), are always innovating (and we totally appreciate that). Their Jockey for Her business is celebrating 40-years and their latest creation is truly an innovation when it comes to underwire bras.

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