Helping Women Look and Feel Their Best

From Bra Expert to Women’s Style Guru, I’ve done it all!

First, I made a name for myself as the bra expert. Now, I’ve made a career of guiding and encouraging women through their biggest fashion and lifestyle challenges.

I believe helping women look and feel their best starts with the right foundations. My first bestseller, The Bra Book, was built on that belief and arms women with the knowledge they need to find the right fashion support.

From there, my mission has only grown. In the past 20 years, I’ve helped millions of women through my books, published articles, and magazine and TV interviews. Appearing as a bra guru, trend expert, and reporter, I’ve been featured on national TV outlets including Today, Wendy, E! News, Bravo, QVC, and Dr. Oz, and touted as one of Woman’s World Magazine’s “Ultimate Experts.”

The joy of educating and guiding so many people throughout my career is surpassed only by that of enjoying life with my husband and four kids.

So join me on the journey and discover the value I can bring to the women in your audience. Contact an agent or fill out the contact form here to get started.

Hey, I’m Jené Luciani Sena

For 20 years, I’ve been known as the foremost bra expert and author on TV. I (literally) wrote the book on bras with my bestseller, The Bra Book. You can count on me for seasoned advice that women trust.

What makes me different?

ways to work with jené

If you’re seeking an expert on bras and women’s apparel, go with the first and most-accomplished name in the industry.

Your audience doesn’t need a salesman, they need a guide.

Other bra experts and fashion influencers come from a commercial background, working for individual apparel companies before venturing into media.

I started this journey with a passion for helping women and a mission to report on products and tips that help women look and feel their best. I've even had the US army hire me as a consultant to train their designers for their new bras being created for our female soldiers.

As a result, I’ve earned authority and credibility that can’t be imitated. My audience-first approach comes through in every performance and presentation.

Fun Facts

People ask me why I wanted to write a book on bras. I struggled with a breast deformity as a teenager, and wanted to help other women.

I have a history of friendships with reality TV stars, most notably, Jacqueline Laurita from “Real Housewives of New Jersey”. We co-authored “Get It!”

I was a pole-dancer for two years. No, not the stripping kind, the fitness activity.

I once met the Queen herself, OPRAH. I hid behind a pillar clutching a copy of my book at an event we both attended, waiting until she was alone.

Growing up, my family was very good friends with Mike Tyson, and we spent lots of time with him. My dad even wrote and recorded his theme song, which was played on ABC Sports, the night he won the World Heavyweight title.

I have a spiritual advisor who as helped me through many difficult times in my life.

ways to work with jené




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Gain exclusive access to the insights and advice of an internationally-renowned expert on bras and more. I’ve helped millions of women look and feel their best, and I’ll help you do the same. No matter the occasion, we’ll make sure you’re radiant, comfortable, and confident in a style that’s unique to you.

Bring the house down with energetic segments that get women talking. I’ve done it for NBC’s Today, Access Daily, and TED, now it’s time to thrill your audience with fashion and lifestyle tips on topics like bras, swimwear, shapewear, intimate wear, and more.

Imagine pairing your product with one of the most trusted and empowering voices in women’s style. As the best-selling author of The Bra Book, that’s the reputation I bring to brands like yours. I have the experience and authority you need to boost your image and win lifelong fans.

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“Jené is perhaps, the most important guest we’ve had on this show.”

- wendy williams

“Jené is the country’s foremost authority on all things bras. She IS the bra guru.”

- dr. oz

“She’s our favorite intimate apparel influencer!”

- Kit Hoover, Access Daily 

“One of America’s Ultimate Experts”

- Woman’s World Magazine 

“For more than a decade, Jené has been educating millions of women across the country.”

- abc news 10

“Jené is a brilliant bra guru.”


“Jené Luciani Sena has been helping women find the right fit for well over a decade.”

- The Daily Gazette

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