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Discover the book that turned Jené into The Bra Expert–and more.

Jené Lucian Sena—a fashion expert and a go-to guide for beauty advice—once and for all arms women with the knowledge they need to find the right fashion support. From the best bra to wear under every outfit to important information about bras and breast health from puberty to retirement, from the physics behind bra design to how you can best ensure a proper fit, The Bra Book is the source for women everywhere.

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The Bra Book

Jené Luciani Sena and Jacqueline Laurita want to help you become your best self—that's why they teamed up to write Get It! and gathered all their favorite tips, tricks, and secrets to help you get whatever "it" you want: Get Centered, Get on Track, Get Organized, Get Healthy, Get Fit, Get Beautiful Hair, Get Flawless Skin, Get Made Up, Get Stylish and Sexy—in just minutes a day.

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Get It!

One day you’re cleaning up spit-up and the next, in the blink of an eye, your child is going through puberty. Few things are harder for a parent than addressing the changes one must go through in that awkward “tween” phase, especially when it comes to girls! Jené Luciani Sena helps moms and dads alike, navigate this somewhat tricky, confusing, embarrassing, and just downright awkward time in a girl’s life, with a lighthearted approach in this story about a mom and her daughter.

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Gigi Gets A Bra

“Jené is perhaps, the most important guest we’ve had on this show.”

- wendy williams

“Jené is the country’s foremost authority on all things bras. She IS the bra guru.”

- dr. oz

“She’s our favorite intimate apparel influencer!”

- Kit Hoover, Access Daily 

“One of America’s Ultimate Experts”

- Woman’s World Magazine 

“For more than a decade, Jené has been educating millions of women across the country.”

- abc news 10

“Jené is a brilliant bra guru.”


“Jené Luciani Sena has been helping women find the right fit for well over a decade.”

- The Daily Gazette

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